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Joseph Bassett

Joseph Bassett

Senior Vice President, Wealth Consultant

Joseph has spent the last decade focused on making positive impacts in the financial services industry. His gifts for seeing opportunities where others gloss over sets him apart and has helped him build a reputation amongst his peers for being an innovator. For most of Joseph’s career he has helped individuals pursue their professional and financial goals in a myriad of roles. From mentoring struggling employees and advisors, to helping consultants managing hundreds of millions of dollars in assets find unique solutions for their clients, to foundations and endowments looking to meet their goals, Joseph’s ability to convey ideas from a place of understanding is a quality in demand. He has held several positions at tier one asset managers as a Senior Consultant, Regional Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. This gives him a wide perspective he can leverage to help clients be the heroes of their own financial story.

Through his years consulting and leading change, he has been able to distill the qualities possessed by elite asset managers and wealth consultants.

1)They are fantastic teachers. They make complex ideas simple, not the other way around.

2)They aim to build trust with their clients. There is a relationship beyond their roles as a CFO. They genuinely care about doing what is in their clients’ best interest.

3)Complacency is void in their practice. Elite advisors do not rest on their laurels or accolades. They are lifelong learners, continually striving to be students of their clients and markets.

4)Elite advisors leverage their talents to the most difficult problems. They do not try to be something they are not. Rather, they collaborate with trusted sources to provide their clients with sound counsel.

5)They possess an investment and retirement philosophy. They can articulate this philosophy clearly and succinctly.

As a thought leader Joseph has been sought out to contribute to several non-profits, professional organizations and community associations. Together with his partner, Mark Lawrence, President of Sterling Portfolio Managers, they continually seek to advocate for their clients’ financial best interest.
Outside of his professional roles and duty to his clients, Joseph is an active mentor to students of his alma mater, Texas A&M University through “Aggie Mentors”. He also mentors students as a Stock Market Game Class Mentor. Notability one of his classes took 1st place in the state in the Elementary Bracket, and 3rd place in the entire state competition against middle and high school students. He is a Committeeman with the Trail Ride Committee for the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. Joseph is also active in his local church congregation, as this is central to who he is. His happiest moments are shared with his wife and 3 children and dear friends.